Our Services
At J.R. Perreault & Sons Ltd, we understand what equipment breakdown and production shut down is. That is why every piece of equipment under repair is carefully checked at various stages of production with properly calibrated instruments. Our engineering department will check for maximum performance, bearing in mind energy efficiency and long lasting durability. At the end of repairs, a performance report is given to you stating the probable cause of failure.


We can simulate full load testing of AC motors 4160, 2300, 575 and 460 volts, as well as DC motors 0 to 500 volts up to 900 HP. Load testing ensures that all reconditionned units are within the original manufacturers specification in order to meet your needs and our quality standards


Our mechanical department is very well integrated (dynamic balancing, machining and milling machine etc...) in order to eliminate sub-contracting needs and therefore improve deliveries. We also have various equipment for thermal projection of various metals such as nickel, bronze, steel and even ceramic in order to avoid electric pitting on bearings of medium voltage motors. Also, we do the re-babitting of sleeve bearings using state of the art technology under a very strict procedure.