Control panels
We manufacture automated process systems, starters and variables speed drives, operator controls, from analysis of customers specific needs to installation and startup. Of course, our experienced technicians offers an excellent after sale service and is always there to help for improvements, adjustments or else. Our engineering department has an excellent industrial expertise, combined with a constant will to improve the quality of equipments, and has many important projects to it's assets.


AC & DC Variable Speed Drives
We will suggest the best alternative to your application with revelant options: filters, forced ventilation, dynamic breaking, remot controls, etc. Our strength is turn key projects being the combination of motors and drives due to our expertise in manufacturing motors.


Programmable Logic Controllers
Our versatile P.L.C. will give you enhance production capabilities along with production cost cutting, flexibility and versatility, all supported by detailed documentation.


Motor Starters
We offer a wide variety of motor starters depending on various applications such as high inertia starting loads. These starters will rang from the latest technology of electronic starters to the across the line grouped starters.


Automatic Power Factor Correctors
We make a free analysis of your electricity bills and will give you a detailed report of potential savings and payback period of your investment. We also make an harmonic study of your manufacture. We use 5 years warranty BPC free oil condenser. Our standards also include 2 stage low voltage contactors to improve condensers lifetime and minimize impact on surrounding equipments.